Christie's Viewing & Auction
40 years of Star Trek: The Collection
New York, NY
0609.30-10.07 - Sep 30 - Oct 7

Jim & Mary Ann on the bridge

Trekking to NYC for Trek

We went to Manhattan for the "viewing" of the Christie's Star Trek auction items on Saturday, Sept 30th. We were not planning on attending the auction itself since we didn't think we could possibly afford anything in the collection. For us the viewing was our last chance to see these items before they were sold off to private collectors and probably never seen again. Definitely a once in a lifetime event!

Saturday morning, we drove to Weehawken NJ from our home in PA, after a brief stop over on Staten Island to pick up Cheri Rosen and her friend Jane. In Weehawken we took the NY Waterway ferry over to midtown Manhattan. The ferry line had free bus service in Mahattan which was convenient. The bus dropped us off in front of Rockefeller Plaza, but as we quickly learned, it's a big place.

We found ourselves in the concourse on the lower level of the Rockefeller Plaza, and we stumbled across the Star Trek items on display there. We knew the concourse had an exhibit but thought that is was over already. A pleasant surprise! Since the concourse exhibit closed earlier than the exhibit at Christie's, we decided to spend time in the concourse before heading to the main exhibit. (See the chapter links below for pictures at the Rockefeller Plaza Concourse.)

Las Vegas Exhibit Pictures
Aug 17-20

View pictures of the auction items on display at the Christie's booth at the Creation 40th Anniversary of Star Trek convention in Las Vegas this past August.

Rockefeller Plaza Concourse
Exhibit Pictures
Sep 30 &Oct 1

View pictures of the auction items on display at the Rockefeller Plaza Concourse in Manhattan.

The Christie's Experience

After spending time taking pictures of the Trek items and drooling over the models on display, especially the awesomely beautiful Lakota/Enterprise B filming model, we trekked up to the street level to Christie's. Jim did not want to leave the Lakota - he was in love :-) As far as we knew at the time, we were not going to see it again. (We had not planned to return on Sunday at that point.) But with much anticipation we walked to Christie's hoping to lift our spirits with the other models and auction items yet to be seen.

As soon as we walked up to the front of Christie's, we felt at home. There were fans & staffers in various Trek uniforms outside the front doors. Even the doorman (Gil?) was wearing a Trek uniform, and each morning he would greet us enthusiastically! We registered just inside the front door, a painless process. They had freebies for us, black rubber wristbands and casettes of Trek music. Very nice!

We walked into the first room, uniforms and costumes, and within a few seconds we were recognized. "Hey Vegas!" John, the interviewer wemeet at the Christie's booth in Las Vegas was there with his camera crew. He remembered us from Vegas and was surprised to see us at the viewing. (To see all the pictures from the Christie's booth in Las Vegas see the chapter link above.)

John was working on the Christie's documentary of the Trek auction for the History channel. He immediately set us up for another interview, a followup to the Vegas interview, and we were pleased to comply. After the interview we learned that CBS Paramount would not allow anyone to take pictures inside Christie's. We were very bummed and we expressed our disappointment in a very vocal but polite manner.

We are of course very resourceful people, so we did find ways to take a few pictures. Cheri Rosen also used her camera phone to snap a few low res pictures. And we meet up with the Okudas who were very instrumental in getting us a few more pictures on the TOS reproduction bridge.

After our thrilling experience at the viewing on Saturday we decided to scrap our plans for Sunday and return to Christie's. Since we did not plan for an overnight stay, we had to drive back home Saturday night and drive back on Sunday morning. On Sunday, friends Bridget Naylor and Richard Williams drove in from the Lehigh Valley and joined Cheri & us at both exhibits. (To see all the pictures from our visit to the Christie's viewing see the chapter link below.)

Christie's Exhibit Viewing Pictures
Sep 30 & Oct 1

View the sneaky pictures we took with the help of some kind Christie's staff members and the Okudas.

Christie's Auction Pictures
Oct 5-7

View pictures of the people and a few Trek items on display during the auction.

A Rare Opportunity

On Sunday Oct 1st, we returned for a second day at the viewing. We had a blast. Again we were bummed at the prospect of having to go home and never see these Trek models & items again. In speaking to some of the Christie's staff people, we learned that there was a long waiting list to get into the auction. The online bidding was also full. The only options open to us at this late stage of the game was absentee bids or phone bids. Believing this was the only way to get a piece of this exhibit we signed up for both. Little did we know that "The Great River" was about to provide for us, very handsomely!(To see the pictures from the Christie's Auction held on Oct 5th-7th, see the chapter link above.)

For the Modelers

During the entire time at the Christie's viewing and auction, we took extensive pictures of any models we were allowed to photograph - not many. As modelers, we know the benefit of good reference pictures. For most of the models we photographed at the Rockefeller Plaza concourse, we did not obtain closeup shots since they were behind ropes and we could not get close enough.

We were lucky enough to have access to a few models for a long enough period of time to take tons of close up photos. They include closeups of the Romulan Warbird & the small Enterprise A from the Las Vegas exhibit, the Lakota/Enterprise B (from the Rockefeller Plaza concourse), and the Enterprise D & Enterprise A models from the Christie's Auction. We hope you enjoy these high-resolution pictures. (See the chapter link below for these pictures.)

Model Pictures

View pictures of the models we were able to photograph from the Christie's Exhibit.

Auction Prices

We recorded the prices for some of the items at the auction including all the models.

Walking away with a piece of Star Trek History

After an exciting week spent traveling to Manhattan for this "once in a lifetime" event, we came away with lots of great memories, pictures and a piece of Star Trek History. We didn't just go to the auction to watch others buy Trek items, we wanted a piece for ourselves too, and we were successful.

On Friday Oct 6th, we successfully bid on the Karemma ship model from Deep Space 9 and we won! A week later we drove to Queens NY to pick it up at Christie's warehouse, and it's presently residing at home with us (under lock & key!). Click here for a look at a few pictures of the homecoming...

We will never forget this week in October 2006 and all the people that were instrumental in helping us enjoy the time spent. We have nothing but positive words to say about everyone involved and we are pleased to have had the opportunity to share it with one and all!

Peace and Long Life!

Jim & Mary Ann 


Las Vegas Exhibit

Rockefeller Concourse Exhibit

Christie's Exhibit

Christie's Auction

Model Pictures

Auction Prices

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