Romulan Warbird

These detailed pictures of the Romulan Warbird filming model were taken at the Christie's Booth at the Creation Convention in Las Vegas on Aug 17-20th, 2006. At the Christie's Auction this model sold for $30,000. This model was in good shape. When we photoraphed it at Las Vegas in August it was missing the tip of the starboard engine, but when we saw the model again at the Viewing in NYC, it was fxed. The paint scheme on this model was not as heavily detailed as we had thought. We also noticed details on this model that the AMT/Ertl kit did not have.

(Click on image once to enlarge - click on enlarged image for high-res picture)

Enterprise A -- Enterprise D -- Lakota/Enterprise B -- Small Enterprise A -- Romulan Warbird -- Karemma


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