Christie's Viewing & Auction
40 years of Star Trek: The Collection
New York, NY

High-Resolution Detailed Model Pictures


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This is a photo gallery of pictures that we have taken during the Christie's Viewing & Auction in NYC and their display booth at the Creation convention in Las Vegas in 2006. These are the only models we were allowed to photograph. We took as many close up pictures as possible trying to capture the details of each model. Hope you enjoy them

Most of these pictures were taken at the lower level of the Rockefeller Concourse in NYC. The display area was roped off and guarded by Rockefeller Security but we could still get really up close to many of these models. 

Maquis Ship #491
Sold for $9,000
Defiant Enlarged Nose Section Model #496
Sold for $2,000
Shuttlecraft Galileo Model #986 (with warp engines) & # 987 (without warp engines)
#986 Sold for $12,000 & # 987 Sold for $9,000
Ferengi Shuttle Model #701
Sold for $7,000
Pakled Spaceship Model #700
Sold for $2,800
USS Saratoga/USS Reliant Model #985
Sold for $50,000
Miradorn Ship #490
Sold for $3,800

Enterprise A Enlarged Engineering Hull Section #992
Sold for $9,500

Future Klingon Attack Cruiser (Negh'Var) Model #699
Sold for $22,000

Damaged Enterprise Model #993
Sold for $40,000

Full Page Image Gallery

We were lucky enough to have close contact with these models for a longer period of time. We took as many pictures as we possibly could in the time we had. See below...

Enterprise A Model #1000
Sold for $240,000
(90+ images)

Enterprise D Model #712
Sold for $550,000
(80+ images)

Lakota/Enterprise B Model #998
Sold for $110,000
(30+ images)

Small Enterprise A Model #999
Sold for $42,000
(6 images)

Romulan Warbird Model #702
Sold for $30,000
(21 images)

Karemma Model #487
Sold for $3200
(26 images)

More Model Photos
provided by Jerry Silber
We are pleased to have more pictures to share with you thanks to our friend from New York, Jerry Silber. Jerry, his wife Ellen and friend were able to take several pictures a the Christie's Viewing in NY. Of prime interest to us were the close ups of the Defiant and Enterprise C/Yamaguchi models. Jerry provided us copies of these pictures so we can post them here for all to enjoy.

Click here to view the Defiant & Enterprise C/Yamaguchi pictures...


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